We are a Contemporary Design Studio!

The global pandemic drastically changed industries. One of the most significant transformations is to move to a work-from-home scheme.

And that’s where we are going!

Now, more people are staying at home. Face-to-face meetings are now virtual meetings. Thanks to video conferencing and cloud-based platforms, most jobs can be done within the comfort of our homes.

This is true with architectural design services. That is why going digital is where we are going! There would be no need for an actual meeting to help you come up with quality architectural designs!

Going Digital

Even in the absence of physical meetings, we are devoted to delivering quality design services to our clients. Our tools? Cloud-based collaborations and video and instance messaging correspondence fulfill our goal of giving quality design services.

Who are and what we do?

We are an architectural design studio in Baguio City here in the Philippines. Our commitment is to provide our clients sustainable designs and quality design services.

Our Works

Sustainable architecture is our game. We make sure that our work reflects our compassion for the environment, the community, and the culture. Most importantly, we want the client’s visions expressed by our designs.

Our Designs>>>

Architecture + Innovation

Nowadays, our world continues to experience environmental damages and resource shortages. We believe that through Architecture and Innovation, we can help solve these problems. That is why we are focused on creating contemporary and sustainable designs for our clients.

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Having a dream house is not just about having a beautiful place; it is much deeper than that. A dream house should mirror you. In fact, it should reflect your personality, dreams, and aspirations. But the road towards your dream house is a challenging one. Planning and designing your dream house is not an easy task and will be confusing sometimes. So, where will you start?