Japanese Micro Homes

Japanese micro homes are a delight! There are these peculiar but cute tiny houses that are a fad in Japan nowadays. As we all know, the Japanese are very diligent people. Also, they like efficiency so much that they almost applied it to virtually every aspect of their daily lives. Going back to Japanese micro… Continue reading Japanese Micro Homes

Brise Soleil: What You Should Know?

Have you ever wondered what are these louver-filled things on some buildings’ windows or facades? Do these things even serve a purpose? Or are they only for decorative purposes only? These things are called Brise Soleil. Sounds fancy? Well yeah, but you’ll be amazed by the things that it could do for you and your… Continue reading Brise Soleil: What You Should Know?

Contemporary Vernacular Architecture

Contemporary vernacular architecture is probably a new thing to most people. So, is this can be a thing? Does it even make sense? That is why in this post, I will present our very own interpretation of what is this contemporary vernacular design that we believe could be the design for future homes. But first,… Continue reading Contemporary Vernacular Architecture

Mashrabiya in Contemporary Architecture

Mashrabiya is one of the most distinguishing features in Islamic architecture. Not only it makes the interior spaces cool, but also adds texture to the building’s exterior. Today, mashrabiyas play important roles in contemporary Islamic Architecture. It also found a way to international contemporary architecture. Because of its defining and practical feature as a design… Continue reading Mashrabiya in Contemporary Architecture

Tropical Pine Forest House Design

Pine Forest House

The house wants to have the best of both worlds; It must satisfy the needs of its dwellers by being cozy and comfortable, not to mention beautiful. At the same time, it must be nature-sensitive. This tropical pine forest house design is we believe a model that demonstrates that holistic relation between humans and the… Continue reading Tropical Pine Forest House Design

The Five Points of Architecture

Introduction In the early part of the 20th century, Modern architecture is starting to dominate the architectural world. Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, introduced the five points of architecture, a manifesto of modern architecture. This manifesto describes the five elements that a building should have to embody the modernist style: Pilotis… Continue reading The Five Points of Architecture